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Employment Rights

This section provides an overview of the various procedures to be followed throughout the employment relationship. The topics covered range from Terms and Conditions of Employment, Working Hours, Minimum Wage, and Leave Entitlements, to Anti-Harassment and Data Protection.

  • Anti-Harassment
    This section explains the prohibitions on discrimination in the workplace, including the nine grounds on which discrimination is unlawful.

  • Changing Terms and Conditions
    This topic area provides you with a roadmap to negotiate your way through the relevant legislation from the national minimum wage 2000 to maximum working hours. Terms of Employment, Sunday working and rest periods are among the topics covered. Sample employment contract and job descriptions are also available.

  • Children and Young Persons
    The Protection of Young Persons Act is summarised in this section giving details of the employees rights and the employer’s responsibilities in relation to underage workers.

  • Data Protection
    Many businesses store personal information relating to their customers, clients or employees. The obligations of businesses under the Data Protection legislation are discussed here.

  • Employee Rights
    Contained within this section are details of legislation an employer should comply with, as to not infringe upon his/her employees rights. It covers a wide variety of topics such as leave, pay and discrimination to name but a few.

  • Grievance
    The employment complaints procedure and information on the enforcement of Labour Court Determinations are set out in this section.

  • Holidays
    Employees’ holiday entitlements are outlined in this section.

  • Minimum Wages
    The National Minimum Wage in Ireland and the supporting legislation are discussed in this section. Attention is also drawn to the premium paid for Sunday working hours.

  • Notice
    The minimum notice guidelines are presented in this section. The supporting legislation is summarised.

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